Moving Your Organization Towards Doing Good

April 2023
Helping clients navigate towards positive impact is an imaginative and strategic expedition in which we apply a series of lenses that help bring clarity and direction.

To Love and to Imagine

February 2023

Intentionally shaping your imagination and why it matters

A Letter From Our Founder: What Moves You?

December 2022
What we make—and how we make it—has consequences for the world. We shape the world as the world shapes us.

Stories Aren't Enough: The Power of Narrative to Make Your Brand Come Alive

October 2022

Good brands use story. Great brands use narrative.

How Investment in Branding Contributes to Organizational Success

August 2022

You can measure a return on your brand investment; you just need to shift how you think about the investment.

animated images of shapes on fork

Three Core Questions for a Creative Endeavor

May 2022

At FiveStone, three big questions shape our creative process.


Tearing Corners off the Darkness: Celebrating 20 Years of FiveStone

September 2021

FiveStone’s founder, Jason Locy offers his thoughts on persistence, the value of relationships, and what it means to do good.

father and daughter

Powerful Narratives that Lead to Changed Lives

August 2021

Starting a national conversation about adoption.

A Practical Guide for Creating a Purpose-Driven Business

July 2021
More companies are recognizing the importance of incorporating a mission or purpose into their work. But it's not easy.

Innovating to Attract New Audiences

July 2021

How one aging retail store attracted new customers without losing their devoted base.

asian american leaders

We Can’t Keep Our Heads Down

May 2021

Three AAPIs reflect on the challenges they’ve faced as leaders in their field.

woman in flag holding baby

Bring on the Poets

March 2021

Brands have a big choice to make; fighting to hold on to what is or shaping a collective imagination for something new.

wayne and garth eat local

Big Brands & Nostalgic Ads

February 2021

We analyzed each commercial during the 2021 Super Bowl to analyze how many ads tapped into nostalgic feelings.

shane nelson headshot

Diversity & Inclusion: An Interview with Shane Nelson

February 2021

We sat down with Shane Nelson, a leader and trusted voice to companies prioritizing diversity and inclusion.

setting direction ebook cover

Setting Direction: A Guide to Designing your Core Belief System

November 2020
A guide to establishing (or refining) the five key organizational core beliefs.
recycling logo sketch

Trends & Reactions: Finding Opportunities for Growth in Cultural Shifts

May 2020

How to identify opportunities for innovation based on emerging cultural trends.

Designing for Uncertainty

March 2020
Four key activities that can provide stability and direction when planning for the unknown.

Building a Company with Deep Purpose

January 2020

As you design your organization for purpose, imagine a brand that is imaginative, interconnected, and generative.


Four Points of Brand Perception

October 2018
Earlier this year, I was a guest at a gathering of young entrepreneurs. My role was to help them think about the messaging and branding of their startups. At one point during the two days we were together, I was interviewed in front of the group about my experience. The interviewer’s first question: “What is a brand?”

The Beauty of the Imperfect

June 2018

Impact and transcendence - allowing principles of wabi-sabi to influence our work.

A Successful Tension

April 2018

How can we operate as a business (profit) and stay true to our founding mission (purpose)?

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