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  1. Core Beliefs
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Visual Identity System
  4. Collateral Design

Communities across the country face complex, systemic issues at an unprecedented scale: homelessness, the opioid crisis, and mental health, among many others. These challenges require local institutions, neighbors, and churches to lock arms and work together to transform their communities. Ormond Center at Duke Divinity is dedicated to guiding these transformations. FiveStone created a foundational brand platform to help Ormond Center communicate its vision for building thriving communities.

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Imagination for the future

Community challenges are often rooted in deep physical and spiritual needs. Churches are an important part of the solution, but sometimes they need support to effectively partner with their neighboring institutions. Ormond Center bridges the gap between churches and their local community’s needs. Ormond’s work is based on decades of research that gives communities a shared vision along with practical guidance in implementing solutions.

FiveStone built a brand strategy that reflected the core values of Ormond and a digital strategy that helped them share their story and capture imaginations. We then built an identity system that brought those strategies to life.

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A brand platform that supports relationships and communities

Ormond Center connects seemingly disparate organizations, people, networks, and ideas to create custom, community-based solutions. These networks and relationships are the core of Ormond’s model—fostering shared imagination and collaboration.

FiveStone created a brand platform that elevates Ormond’s focus on forming relationships, deep connectivity, and the power of congregations and communities working together.

Ormond Center brandbook
Ormond Center brandbook

Rooting the brand platform

FiveStone conducted desk research, led team workshops, and interviewed key stakeholders to create alignment around the history and vision for Ormond Center. This context provides a deep rootedness to the brand strategy, so as the brand is applied, it clearly and authentically signals Ormond Center’s identity to the world around.

Ormond Center brandbook

A Visual Identity System
 to express the brand

The visual identity system includes a suite of assets and mechanics that provide continuity across the broad scope of touchpoints. These visual brand signals help Ormond Center communicate Ormond’s identity in a way that audiences can easily recognize, understand, and appreciate.

Ormond Center logo breakdown
Ormond Center logo breakdown

Brand Application
Extending a visual identity system into primary touchpoints

Ormond Center’s brand application includes both digital and physical expressions—with all touchpoints reinforcing community and connectivity.

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Ormond center logo usage
Ormond center website
Speaker presenting Ormond Center to conference
"What we do at Ormond Center is deep, complex, and thoughtful work. Because of this it can be difficult to grasp at a quick glance. FiveStone listened to us, asked us tough questions, and really understood our unique approach. Because of this they were able to distill what we did in a way that better communicated to our constituents without losing the meaning."
Josh Yates

Executive Director of Ormond Center at Duke Divinity School

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