Radical brand transformation for a global real estate tech leader


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FiveStone partnered with SitusAMC at a critical moment: they had just completed an industry-defining merger of two of the leading commercial and residential real estate finance solutions providers. For the first time, two distinct sides of real estate were united under one roof.

This merger—and subsequent redefinition of the industry—sparked the need for a radical brand transformation.


The newly formed organization offers an unprecedented comprehensive approach to real estate–and the new brand needed to showcase this solution, while capitalizing on the strong reputations of each legacy organization.

With a focus on technology and innovation, the brand also needed to be digitally-driven and versatile across platforms–not only to reach next-gen clientele but to ensure brand cohesion across their 100+ technology products.

Insights and Approach

Segmenting SitusAMC’s vast audience base revealed opportunities for nuance and specificity across the brand. Specifically, the brand focused on the target demographic and designed a clean, bold, and digital-first experience that would capture attention amid the outdated and stale competitive set.

Design Principles & Brand Platform

We crafted a set of guiding design principles, including: resilient, relational, distinguished, and applicable. These principles guided strategic decisions and ensuring the brand stays true.

The brand platform included documentation and standards around core beliefs, brand strategy, personality, tone, and visual expression.

Visual Identity System
A digital perception for a brick & mortar sector

Rooted in the brand platform, we developed a core brand metaphor–defined by seamless connection, continual evolution, and expansive opportunities. As a result, the new visual expression is strong, inviting, and flexible with bright colors, bold type, human photography, and eye-catching supporting graphics.

Flexing the brand across a content and digital ecosystem

The SitusAMC brand has been applied across the organization–from the website to each individual technology to social media and brand campaigns. The result is a cohesive, digital-first identity that stands tall above the competition.

"FiveStone helped us define who we are and created a design ecosystem that enabled us to tell our story in a unique and impactful way."
Andy Garrett

SitusAMC, Global Head of Marketing

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