Send Relief

Designing a nationwide disaster relief network

send relief app wireframe


  1. Ideation/Co-creation

A natural disaster can strike at any time. Relief organizations need trained volunteers ready at a moment’s notice. Send Relief trains volunteers across North America and then calls on them to respond during crisis moments.

Calling all volunteers

Send Relief wanted a product that could better train, mobilize, and deploy volunteers. FiveStone came in to help look for solutions that could strengthen their efforts.

We conducted a series of design sprints that allowed us to define the problem we were solving quickly, map out the customer journey, ideate ways to solve that problem, build a prototype, and test the prototype in front of customers.

send relief app prototype

Casting a wider net

Early in the process it became apparent that volunteers wanted something bigger than Send Relief could provide on their own. We realized that for maximum impact the product should promote the efforts of multiple non-profits, not only Send Relief. This broader solution created a major shift in thinking but, Send Relief was more interested in serving people than building their own brand.

send relief app prototype
send relief app wireframe
send relief app prototype
send relief app prototype
Send relief app writeup
"We've built a handful of products but nothing has brought clarity so quickly. We certainly avoided some very costly mistakes, while learning a great deal about our audience, their needs, and our own internal processes."
David Melber

Vice-President, Send Relief

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