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Reformed University Fellowship

We worked with the leadership team at Reformed University Fellowship to design a complete rebrand of the organization. This rebrand was achieved through a system in which each of the 150 R.U.F. campuses could have a unique mark, yet behave as part of the same system. 




User Research
Brand Framework
Brand Narrative
Visual Expression
Collateral Design



User Research
Digital Strategy
Content Strategy
Web Design
Information Architecture
User Interface (UI) 
User Experience (UX) 
Front-end Development
Back-end Development

Brand Development

We worked with RUF's leadership to architect a cohesive brand that represents the organization as a whole and also provides each of the 150 campuses with a unique mark that works within the larger system. We conducted user research and built the brand around the framework and narratives that were the result of our findings.



We further applied the brand system to a new RUF website that was designed to represent all RUF campuses and the organization as a whole. User research also informed our digital content strategy and the development of a straightforward user-based navigation and information architecture.