We Design Moments of Change 

FiveStone locks arms with organizations fighting to make the world a better place. We use design to help non-profits and social enterprises solve their biggest challenges and create positive impact.

Our work sits squarely within the Human Centered Design tradition. This approach keeps the people we are designing for at the heart of our work and ensures solutions specific to them. While our methods and tools may change, and the things we design vary, our work always falls within three main categories:




Discovering new opportunities for growth.


Communicating with emotion, clarity, and focus.

Digital Marketing

Launching ideas to the right people at the right time.



We believe...

We started FiveStone with the vision that design could lead people to change. We want to see a world where thoughtful organizations win and good pushes itself into every aspect of society.


Success starts with good questions.

We start with questions before offering solutions. This means digging in and getting to know our clients; which is exactly what we like to do.


Meaningful missions change the world.

We help organizations fully align so that their model, their products, and their business are all equally meaningful.


Trust is the foundation of a partnership

We work with people trying to make the world a better place. Fighting for the same thing binds us in unique ways, allowing us to dig deeper and find stronger solutions.


Beauty points to something bigger

We strive to move past the temporal, affecting people at their core and challenging them to ask big questions.


Inevitability limits creativity

We fight for new ways of seeing, doing, thinking, and being. Imagination sits before implementation, pushing us to think past existing frameworks and established norms.


Design moves people to change

We design systems that shift attitudes and drive people to act in new ways that bring about sustainable, long-term impact.


Working with partners like these kicks us out of bed in the morning.

We love what we do and who we do it with. Our partners include the brightest minds solving the biggest challenges of our generation. If that doesn’t kick you out of bed in the morning, nothing will.


Meet the team

Our team represents a broad range of design experts–from strategists to producers. Our experience ranges from seasoned veterans with over 20 years of experience to fresh-faced college graduates still paying off college loans.

When not cranking out goodness at FiveStone you will find at least one of us petting cats, biking, wrangling kids, podcasting, playing music, sipping whiskey, playing soccer, volunteering, knitting, writing, singing, binging TV, and mentoring. Sometimes we sleep. With all those differing hobbies and interest, we do share one thing in common: We all believe design can change the world.


Jason Locy
Founder & Principal

In addition to starting FiveStone, Jason has co-authored two spiritual living books and has a third book on organizational storytelling releasing soon. He loves craft beer and mood swings. If you encounter the latter, try offering him the former. Jasonalong with his wife, four kids, and doglives in Brooklyn, where his southern gait often keeps him from making the train.

Neil Bellefeuille
 Director, Client Strategy

Neil is living proof that the French continue their war on vowels. Letters aside, Neil's career has taken him from leading strategy, innovation and brand development for Fortune 500 clients, to building social enterprises in Africa and Central America. An avid mountain biker, he holds a brown belt in Mildly Sarcastic Humor and currently lives in Fort Collins, CO with his wife Amy and their three sons.

Patricio Juarez
Creative Director

Patricio is Creative Director for FiveStone, where he oversees visual style and execution on a diverse range of projects. He joined FiveStone as a Senior Designer in 2005, following his graduation from The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where he also served as a Typography Instructor.


Kristin Spix
Strategic Lead

Kristin is passionate about typography, Korean food, and making sure things get done and get done well. Before joining FiveStone, Kristin spent 10 years creating independent work as the owner and principal designer of Kristin Spix Design. She lives in the northwest corner of Manhattan with her husband and two sons.


Jeremy Kirkland
Account Manager

You’ll often find Jeremy with headphones in his ears listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Before FiveStone, Jeremy spent the past 13 years working with businesses to develop and scale their e-commerce and marketing departments. He has a love/hate relationship with coffee and usually spends his evenings digitizing his vinyl collection or watching Fawlty Towers.


Liz Lockwood
Project Manager

Liz is Project Manager at FiveStone, which allows her love for details and processes to thrive. Before joining FiveStone, Liz spent over a decade in administrative and Account Management roles, both in and outside of the non-profit space. Liz lives in Manhattan and is on the never-ending quest of finding the greatest food and drink the city has to offer, all the while daydreaming of travel and her future Vespa.


Fanny Chen

Fanny is a financial professional with 14 years of experience specializing in financial reporting, analysis, budgeting, and forecasting. She is passionate about telling stories with  numbers, while helping businesses streamline processes. She is a world traveler, marathon runner, and a big fan of trying out the newest local eats.


Heather Locy
Co-Founder, Back Office

When she's not keeping FiveStone's back office organized, you will find Heather volunteering on behalf of vulnerable children and families. (Or, keeping her family of six organized!) Prior to starting FiveStone with her husband, Jason, Heather worked in International Contracts at Ericsson.


Our Partner Network

We can't always do it alone, so we have established a best-in-class collective of specialists to help us stay nimble and scalable to best serve our client and project needs.


Sam Ryan
Digital Strategist

Bonnie Zimmerman
Marketing Research

Jason Reynolds
Marketing Strategist

Kenny Jhang
Marketing Strategist

Scott Kauffmann
Business Strategist

Michael Wear
Political & Community Engagement Strategist

Emily Vogelzang
Fundraising Strategist

Jeff Jackson
Strategic Writer

Matthew Perkins

Dave Blanchard
Startup Strategist

Teresa Carter
Visual Designer

Hannah Krueger
Visual Designer

Josh Chambers
Brand Strategist

Kyle Westaway
Social Enterprise Attorney