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Who We Are

FiveStone helps clients, such as Fortune 500 companies, global nonprofits, and startups, create meaningful brands, articulate their stories, and discover new opportunities for growth.

Our partners share one thing in common: the guts to take the unconventional path to bring forth human flourishing and sustainability in all areas of their business. We look at the world with optimism, ask questions to make it better, and take action.


Who You Are

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • You are a doer and a “roll your sleeves upper”
  • You understand the vibe of a small agency
  • You know how to manage up
  • You can work inside of a process, but are equally comfortable working outside of a process and creating your own process
  • You think on the fly and articulate your ideas in real time, with clarity
  • You are agile and can adjust gears to go with the flow as needed
  • You like to research and dig into new fields to gain a better understanding
  • You are detailed-oriented and balance a hint of perfectionism with the grace to speak positively as you encourage resources to deliver great work
  • You have previously performed a similar role in an agency, studio, marketing department, or startup
  • You have a marketing background, ideally with social enterprises and nonprofits, as well as an interest and aptitude for producing creative content and marketing solutions
  • You have digital experience and familiarity working across multiple platforms and mediums
  • You like being an integral part of a team
  • You have a degree in something, who knows what, but you definitely paid for one : )



What Does a Marketing Producer Do

A Marketing Producer maintains small to mid-sized client work on an ongoing basis, directly executing and coordinating the day-to-day agency efforts to deliver value to the client and profitability to the agency. They oversee the planning and execution of branding and integrated campaigns, both analog and digital.


What You Will Do

  • Produce effective marketing programs, campaigns, and webinars
  • Write and articulate creative briefs
  • Work closely with founder or other project leads to ensure the proper briefs are being communicated at the start of a project
  • Quarterback and execute project scopes, participate in the evaluation, and request best team makeup for assigned projects - identifying, vetting, selecting, and managing outside contractors and vendors to complete work when necessary
  • Manage staff and contractor resources on a regular/daily basis
  • Guide a team of designers, developers, marketers, and others to execute the plan
  • Ensure work remains on schedule and on budget throughout the lifecycle of a project
  • Monitor out of scope requests, assist with elevating requests to the appropriate lead, and develop additional estimates and approvals
  • Map out executional points to accomplish the defined strategy
  • Assist in contract and proposal coordination to ensure client needs and outcomes are addressed at an executional level
  • Produce/execute relevant content, including social media content
  • Review necessary Google Analytics
  • Pivot when necessary based on new strategic initiatives, client changes, or learnings from audience responses
  • Maintain and improve processes by which projects can be accomplished
  • Deliver the highest quality, most creative, and effective projects as possible to the client


What You Know


Because of your past experience or independent learning, you have a healthy mix of this knowledge:

  • A marketing background, ideally with social enterprises and nonprofits, as well as an interest in and aptitude for producing creative content and marketing solutions.
  • A baseline competency and knowledge of current digital and social frameworks, platforms, tools, products, etc.
  • How to deploy excellent communication skills, including the ability to facilitate meetings, lead presentations, and manage communications in a responsive, friendly, and professional manner.
  • How to take a project from the first draft of a proposal to a finished solution.
  • How to prioritize your work based on client and agency dynamics.
  • How to manage multiple projects, teams, and timelines simultaneously.
  • How to gracefully and tactfully say “yes”/“no” and defend your answer in a way that adds value to the team and client.
  • How to integrate into a dynamic client services approach involving account teams and strategy leads on one side, and copywriters, designers, developers, and creative directors on the other.
“I felt like I had won the lottery when FiveStone hired me”
– Happy team member
“When I had my onboarding presentation, the founder talked about working to ‘tear off little corners of darkness’ in the world”
– Happy team member
“The founder shows integrity in client engagements and places a priority on making his workforce feel valued”
– Happy team member

FiveStone is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). We believe a diverse workplace is a great workplace.

Introduce Yourself

We love meeting new people who share our same passions. If you think you might be a fit for the position below,
we want to hear from you!


We love meeting new people who share our same passions. If you think you might be a fit for the position below, we want to hear from you!