Thoughts from the field



December 2016

A Year in Review

A look back at some highlights from 2016.
By Jason Locy

Just a few blocks from our office tourists prepare to watch a giant ball of crystals drop from the sky as hip-hop bands most of us have never heard of ring in 2017. We join in this celebration by reflecting on another wonderful year at FiveStone.

One of the ways we track the success of our organization, and team, is by evaluating what we label as purpose. We look to see if the projects we are working on are fulfilling to us and if they are making the world a better place.

When we discuss purpose I’m reminded of how much each of us long for this at a core level. We believe that our work is more than just a paycheck or avenue for personal satisfaction. Instead, our work matters. What we make matters. How we work, and for whom we work, matters.


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Turning Around Schools by Telling Better Stories

May 2016

An interview with Sajan George of Matchbook Learning

By Jason Locy



August 2016

Remaining Curious

An Interview with Hillman Curtis.

By Jason Locy


March 2016

Trust Me, I’m the Future of Storytelling

Making a Murderer and the New Metanarrative.

By Kashmiri Schookler


October 2015

Building Brand Consistency

3 Frameworks for building brands that act good and do good.

By Jason Locy



october 2015

The Only Story NonProfits Need to Tell

“Let Me Tell You a Story…”

By Emily Vogelzang


September 2015

4 Attitudes of Successful Creatives

Finding Work as a Creative.

By Jason Locy